Business Digital Acceleration Conference or BDACON

helps business organizations leverage digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market demands. 

The conference features local and global speakers who will share industry roadmaps and global trends that facilitate a true digital transformation for business enterprises.

BDACON is an event that combines IBM Solutions and offerings from business partners to drive demand generation and awareness.

Current Conference

Past Conferences


THE FIRST BDACON helped companies choose the best IT solutions and to find out what no longer works and what should be replaced or updated.

Participating Business Partners

Computerade | IA Innovations | Questronix | Right Computer Systems |

Technopaq Inc | Workcentric | VST ECS - EbiZolution


The Cebu Leg of the Conference challenges industry leaders to examine their IT systems and to discover the value of “disruptions” that could positively rewire traditional business processes to become faster and more efficient.

Participating Business Partners

VST ECS - Macrologic | Questronix | Technopaq Inc | StrategicSynergic Inc. | VST ECS - EbiZolution



BDACON attendees have transformed culture, business processes and technology, and have  been equipped to take on the pandemic head on!  Now all they had to do was to KEEP SAFE

  • Stabilizing business operations by managing disruptions and risks, ensuring business continuity and drawing insights to condition their companies for growth in the NEW NORMAL
  • Creating a resilient platform for workforce to optimize productivity and collaboration while working remotely.

Participating Business Partners

Questronix | Right Computer Systems | StrategicSynergy, Inc. |

VST ECS - IA Innovations | VST ECS - EbiZolutions | Technopaq Inc - ATI